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In with the new: Orange Grove football has new coaches, logo, and jerseys ahead of '22 season

Brent Kornegay returns for his second stint as the Bulldogs' head coach
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Posted at 10:09 PM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-09 23:38:59-04

ORANGE GROVE, Texas — Brent Kornegay is preparing for his second stint as head coach of the Orange Grove football team.

Kornegay served as the Bulldogs’ coach from 2001-09 and was the head coach in George West for six years before retiring in 2021.

“I missed being around kids, number one, and it’s just an opportunity that came to me, and I’m excited about it,” Kornegay said about coming out of retirement. “I think the kids are great, they work hard, they’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do thus far.”

The players have embraced the new coaching staff, and are excited about the potential this season has.

“We’re feeling pretty good,” said senior linebacker Cayden Schroedter. “As long as we’re coachable and put the team first, we’ll do good.”

It’s only been a few practices into Kornegay’s second stint in Orange Grove, but he’s working on getting the Bulldogs ready for the season.

“Just getting those kids to understand the terminology is what we’re trying to get right now,” Kornegay said. “To get from point A to point B has kinda been the backbone of what we’re trying to get done.”

“He’s been really focused on the little things, making sure we’re hustling everywhere we go, making sure we put the team first,” Schroedter said.

Along with the new coaches, the Bulldogs also unveiled some new threads and a new logo.

“They’re excited about it,” Kornegay said. “Anytime you get something new, that’s a plus for them. We’re excited about it too.”

“I definitely say it will help us have a fresh start, give us a lot of energy, and help us play fresh,” said senior lineman Victor DelBosque.

However, along with the new comes some familiarity. Kornegay said 6-8 starters are returning on both sides of the ball. But, there is going to be a little change in the Bulldogs’ lineup.

“I told them there were going to be some position changes, just on being able to evacuate them,” he said. “That’s been the biggest thing for us, is getting kids lined up in the right spot.”

Kornegay said there’s a lot to work on before opening night.

“We’re by no means ready to go right now, but we’re getting close to that point,” he said.

The Bulldogs will open their season with a tough road test, traveling to Hebbronville to take on the Longhorns on Aug. 26, who finished with a 9-2 record last season.