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Turning up for turnover chains, Refugio native crafts motivation

Turning up for turnover chains, Refugio native crafts motivation
Posted at 11:04 PM, Nov 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 00:16:32-05

REFUGIO, TX — High school football live streams, along with our Friday Night Fever, showcase the highlights on the field, but what about the energy on the sideline? For some athletes, it stems from turnover changes. One Refugio native is proud to be the one who makes them.

Down Victoria Highway in Refugio, Friday night football games can be heard from Jack Sportsman Bobcat Stadium to a few of the local neighborhoods. Alicia Davis might not always be at the games, but she loves showing her support in a unique way.

"I call them turnover chains, but I when I first started out last year they were this size," said Alicia Davis, customized turnover chain crafter. "Probably about 6 inches."

All her chains are made out of wood, and she handcuts each piece. In total it takes Davis 3-5 days from start to finish.

"The detail like on the KRIS 6 News one I cut out all of the signs that go on it and I trace it," said Davis.

She makes chains and signs for all sports. Her latest project for Premont youth football put her skills to the test.

"We were like, well how many? And he was like, 22," said Davis. "Man, it was long nights to get them done."

The time spent is rewarding, especially seeing the chains on live television, and how much players are inspired on the gridiron.

"That is so awesome that they're pumped to actually do some work on the field to get the chain," said Davis.

She made chains for Taft high school, West Oso Bears youth football and teams all the way in Arizona and Illinois.

"Means a lot that people come and ask if I can do it for them because not a lot of people do this in a small town," said Davis.

If you would like a chain, contact Davis on Facebook at Perez Paintings or on Etsy here.