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Skidmore-Tynan's buzzer beater miracle

Skidmore-Tynan's buzzer beater miracle
Posted at 7:06 AM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 15:36:02-05

SKIDMORE-TYNAN, Texas — Skidmore-Tynan is currently sitting tied for second with Three Rivers in UIL 2A District 31.

Right behind the Port Aransas Marlins. The Bobcats currently have 23 wins this season, which is the most for the program in a decade, and with three games still to go before playoffs.

It was a buzzer-beater miracle that launched Skidmore-Tynan on the path to success.

"I felt good, but I didn't think anything like that would happen," Alexander Gonzalez, Skidmore-Tynan sophomore point guard and shooting guard, said. "Like it was just very unexpected. It was very electric."

Skidmore-Tynan sophomore Alexander Gonzalez made the buzzer-beater half-court shot of a lifetime to win 47-44 over Woodsboro.

"They threw the ball in and I caught it and I just shot the ball because there was only 1 second left. It kind of just happened," Gonzalez said.

"I was very scared that he was going to miss it, but he came through," Jerrin Koenig, Skidmore-Tynan senior post, said. "Pulled through, hit the shot and the whole bench went crazy. I just saw everyone jump up, get up."

"One second left. As soon as the ball released his hands I knew it was in," Sonny Mann, Skidmore-Tynan senior post, said. "I was already jumping up and down. You're going to remember these things for the rest of your life. That's the kind of moment it was."

Woodsboro had called a timeout with 3.5 seconds left tied at 44 points, and during that pause Bobcats head coach Kent Benedict motivated his defense.

"I actually told them, hey just get a deflection, try to go for a steal, playing for overtime," Kent Benedict, Skidmore-Tynan basketball head coach, said. "When he got that steal and shot went in, nothing but net, it was remarkable."

A magical moment, but it was after the game when Gonzalez's family gathered at Woodsboro's half-court that reality sunk in.

"It was emotional. I did not know if I should feel excited or sad at the same time," Asenath Soto-Gonzalez, Alexander's mother, said. "I could hear him and we were all three of us were crying."

A heartbreaking memory for the Gonzalez family who just lost their grandfather Juan. He was 77 years old.

"He couldn't really make it to many games, but it was rough," Gonzalez said.

Tough enough after losing a family member, now consider Alexander was also returning after a concussion. In his first game back he felt the extra strength, the presence of his grandfather to make that miracle shot.

"I think he was there. I think he felt it," Soto-Gonzalez said. "It was his first game back and I think that's who Alexander was really playing for that night, was for him."

The momentum continued last Friday for the Bobcats in UIL 2A District 31 play. Skidmore-Tynan defeated Port Aransas 27-23, ending the Marlins 133 game district winning streak. Skidmore Tynan's next game is Tuesday, Feb. 7 on the road to Yorktown.