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New H.M. King athletic director Ruben Garcia introduces Gold Standard culture

New H.M. King athletic director Ruben Garcia introduces Gold Standard culture
Posted at 10:17 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 23:17:24-05

KINGSVILLE, Texas — H.M. King has a new leader. Ruben Garcia left Falfurrias after two and half years to become athletic director and football head coach for the Brahmas.

He was hired last Wednesday and plans on bringing in new values and culture called the Gold Standard.

"I went to college here in TAMUK," Ruben Garcia, H.M. King athletic director and football head coach, said. "You know I spent some good times here you know getting my education here and being involved with the youth and the community here."

During the first week of training, Garcia has already seen improvement.

"They were putting in the work with the workouts we were doing. They were trying to hold each other accountable. They were trying to make each other count," Garcia said. "You know, they were doing what we asked them to do. They were being enthusiastic. The energy was really great and you can just tell that they were hungry for it, but year one for me is just progress you know. I'll be honest my goal is to always make the playoffs and play for a district championship."

Garcia's expertise lies with the offensive line because that's the position he played.

"I'm excited about the group of linemen we have. We have some good size kids that I really feel like I can turn them into dogs and I mean that in the most respectful way," Garcia said. "We are going to be dogs between the whistles on the field because everyone knows if you win the battles in the trenches you can win a lot of ball games."

Just a week into the program Garcia is already showcasing his athletes, whether it's on social media or talking with coaches. He's setting the gold standard.

"You know these two days knowing them they're ready. You got some good-looking athletes, good-looking kids, but most of all they are respectful," Garcia said. "I'm just forever blessed and thankful for this opportunity. I'm excited about it. You know change is going to come, and it's going to come the right way. I just say get your popcorn ready you know."

Back in Falfurrias, it wasn't until Garcia's third season at the helm that he led the Fightin' Jerseys to a winning season that ended in the first round of playoffs. We wish coach Garcia the best of luck at H.M. King High School.