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Game Night South Texas: Robstown (3-0) at Taft (1-2)

Game Night South Texas: Robstown (3-0) at Taft (1-2)
Posted at 10:57 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 00:58:07-04

The Robstown Cotton Pickers are off to their best start in 25 years, while the Taft Greyhounds are looking to bounce back from their fourth quarter struggles. Both teams make their debut in Game Night South Texas.

"Do not be lazy. This is not the week," said Gage Perry, Robstown football second-year head coach. "All eyes are on you."

The Robstown Cotton Pickers started the season (3-0) for the first time since 1997.

"It's amazing you know," said Mark Pena, Robstown senior lineman. "The whole town is talking about it and just being (3-0) we have an amazing feeling knowing that you have the whole Robstown behind you."

Their opponent, the Taft Greyhounds, started the season strong, but lost their last two games in the second half.

"We've all been stepping up. Our offensive line blocked tremendously great last game," said J.J. Acosta, Taft junior quarterback and safety. "Our receivers are catching the ball. We're all doing great. Just little mistakes here and there that are costing us the game, but I'd like to say it's all part of God's plan."

"Do everything right. We just got to have no mistakes on both sides of the ball," said Josh Suarez, Taft senior wide receiver and defensive back "No turnovers."

The Greyhounds have a lot of talented skill players that play on both sides of the ball.

"We got 12 seniors right now. It's an experienced roster as far as the skilled kids is concerned," said Joe Castellano, Taft football head coach. "We are young on the offensive and defensive lines."

Taft's defense will have to slow down Robstown's dominant offense led by first-year Cotton Pickers quarterback Derek Silva.

"We put in a lot of offseason in the summer running a lot of routes almost everyday," said Silva, Robstown, junior quarterback and free safety. "Just building our chemistry everyday.

Silva's ability to connect with his skill guys builds from the confidence the junior developed with Robstown's strong linemen.

"All of them had at least playing time last year, and so their experience has payed off in a big way," said Perry. "They feel much more comfortable in this scheme as well and now they're kind of trying to have a little more chemistry as a unit."

Our week four game between Robstown and Taft starts at 7 p.m. and airs on our sister station, the CW. This marks the first time both teams will compete on Game Night South Texas.