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Flour Bluff softball's biggest fan continues to serve, meet Bert Galloway

Galloway continues to serve joy to his favorite team, Flour Bluff softball
Posted at 11:26 PM, Apr 20, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The high school softball season is about to start playoffs, and one fan wants nothing more than to see his favorite team go all the way to state.

Bert Galloway is Flour Bluff softball's biggest fan.

"I have made every game at least in the last 3 or 4 years," Galloway said.

Galloway started supporting the Lady Hornets in the 1980's.

"One tradition he has is whoever throws a shutout, who hits a home run or whoever is just the best player of that game gets a gold coin," Bella Perez, Flour Bluff senior catcher and third baseman, said. "It's a great feeling getting a gold coin and knowing that our number one supporter is there supporting us."

He can be found behind home plate with his Korea Veteran cap. The former Navy corpsman served 4 years.

"I always hear let's go Jade. Go Jade," Jade Moreno, Flour Bluff senior pitcher and first baseman, said. "I hear him in the box, on the mound, it's just I hear him."

After years of service, Galloway continues to take care of others.

"Now I call them all my granddaughters," Galloway said. "I should probably call them all great-granddaughters because my granddaughters are older than the coach."

No matter the weather, Galloway is always there to support his family.

"He's always been very loud. He's full of joy," Xitziara Guerra, Flour Bluff senior pitcher, said. "He has always brought a smile to the whole team. He gives out so much, and we're finally the ones to be able to give to him."

April 20, on his 91st birthday, Galloway received a signed ball from the team. A special gift, but he really only wants one thing in return.

"One word, win, but if you don't you still had a heck of a season," Galloway said.

Next Friday, April 28, the Flour Bluff Lady Hornets are hosting Roma for the first round of playoffs. First pitch is set for 7 p-m., and all Bert Galloway wants for his birthday is another victory.