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Delgado chases a dream at the National Golden Gloves

Julian Delgado
Posted at 11:15 PM, May 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-04 00:16:41-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In the amateur boxing world the National Golden Gloves highlights the best of the best, and one King High School grad is ready to showcase his swing and represent the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association Boxing Club.

"The only thing worth chasing is a dream," a quote written on the back of Julian Delgado's boxing hoodie.

Delgado's career boxing record leading up to nationals is an impressive (20-1). While he did not start boxing at an early age, Delgado found his calling.

"Truth be told I just had a lot of emotions I needed to release," Delgado said.

His lone loss from last year's nationals still stings. He placed third overall in the light heavyweight division at 176 pounds.

"The second I lost that match, it was a split-decision loss it could have gone either way, I knew that I left everything that I had in the ring when I was fighting that opponent," Delgado said. "That has been the driving factor when I train and when I'm fighting."

Delgado, also known as 'King' Julian, has dedicated a year and four months to the ring. The 21-year-old started boxing full-time seven months ago.

"I've seen him box, and when he gets in that ring he won't stop throwing punches," Albert Leal Sr., a boxing official, said. "Someday he will be a world champion. He's got it."

Delgado will travel to Philadelphia for the National Golden Gloves, the famous location of his favorite movie.

"The week before fight day I just watch all of the Rocky (movies)," Delgado said. "It's just motivating, so I'm just looking forward to the experience recreating the specific scene of Rocky running up the steps and throwing his hands in the air."

An experience that all started with a dream, but the King High School grad's goals go higher than the famous Rocky steps.

"To qualify for the 2024 Olympic trials where I will then compete in," Delgado said. "I will win and I will represent USA in the 2024 Olympics and I will win a gold medal."

'King' Julian will leave for Philadelphia this weekend. The National Golden Gloves start Monday, May 8 with championships on Saturday.

If fans are interested in supporting King Julian, they can purchase t-shirts and more here.