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Calallen buzzer beater debut

Calallen buzzer beater debut
Posted at 10:50 PM, Feb 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-15 07:07:18-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Buzzer beaters are rare to come by, but some buckets just mean more to the player, team or even an entire community. Monday night the Calallen Wildcats celebrated one players career debut.

Calallen sophomore Zach Davis put in the work all season, and then with 2 minutes left in the final game No. 3 left the bench for the court.

"I was kind of nervous, but when the stands was cheering for me from the varsity and the people that were on my team," Zach Davis, Calallen sophomore JV basketball team manager, said.

After a few attempts, Zach made his first basket, but he was not done yet. After each missed shot the buzzer inched closer.

The Calallen team, along with a few Robstown athletes, celebrated Zach's special buzzer beater basket.

"Then everyone on the varsity and JV team got all around me," said Davis. "It just, when I made it, I was really happy like the best moment of my life."

Zach finished the season with four points helping the Wildcats win their UIL 4A junior varsity district championship.

"As a mom it's the best feeling that I could describe because you see him since seventh grade working for it and working for it," Jennifer Davis, Zach's mother, said.

Zach is a special needs athlete. In four years of tryouts he has never made the initial roster, but the Wildcats' choose Zach as their special team manager.

"It was the best feeling to know that the team and his coaches have his back," Jennifer said. "He did it, so it was the best feeling I could have ever asked for to see him accomplish his goal."

Calallen won Monday's game against Robstown 35-22. Jennifer wanted to thank Robstown for welcoming Zach onto the court for his Calallen debut.