H-E-B waives check cashing fee for stimulus checks

Posted at 4:33 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 19:23:53-04

For those who are receiving IRS stimulus funds via checks, H-E-B is offering ways to save on getting the funds. H-E-B is providing financial relief with free in-store check cashing of stimulus checks and will waive select fees for the H-E-B Prepaid Mastercard.

The free check cashing can be done at any H-E-B Business Center located inside the stores. Only checks from the U.S. Treasury will be cashed for free. Typically, H-E-B will cash government, payroll, dividend, insurance and money orders bought at their stores for a fee starting at $3. To cash a check, customers will need to go to the business center and present a valid, non-expired state ID or driver’s license and social security number.

Customers who buy an H-E-B Prepaid Mastercard between April 1 and May 31 will not be charged a purchase fee. H-E-B will also waive 2 months of their monthly plan fees for the card. The prepaid card can also be used to set up direct deposits. Routing and account numbers are assigned to an account which can be provided to the IRS for faster access to stimulus funds. A mobile app can allow customers who get a paper check to deposit it into their Prepaid Card without having to visit a business center.