A hobby turns into a part time business for one Coastal Bend family during the pandemic

Nature Trails Kayaking schedules daily guided eco tours
Nature Trails Kayaking
Posted at 5:58 AM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 10:49:01-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The calming water on the Laguna Madre is an escape for some people like Pete and Carrie Meyer.

“Its a way for people to get out into our nature and see the birds and see what makes this area so beautiful,” says owner Carrie Meyer.

About a year ago, Carrie Meyer her husband Pete and their teenage son say they found themselves stuck at home during the pandemic and they started thinking how can we help people manage the pressure and anxiety.

"I want to be outside, taking people to show them what's beautiful and to get kids especially off their computers and into nature," says Meyer.

So what started as a hobby for the Meyers, first taking their friends out on the water soon turned into a new business called Nature Trails Kayaking.

It launched Memorial Day weekend.

"She helped me come up with the concept, how long the trips would be, what we would provide," recalls Meyer.

It was a year and half of planning as they prepared for the summer time. Saving money by building their own trailer.

"What materials am I gonna use, how am I going to put it together and make sure it secure and safe." says Pete Meyer.

Now with just enough kayaks and life jackets to get started, they have booked 2 tours since opening and while there are plenty of kayaking tours in the Coastal Bend, the Meyers sat they lead their tours differently.

"Because we have a trailer and we can move around we can actually move around and there are a lot of different places to go," says Carrie Meyer.

Nature Trails Kayaking offers tours around the Coastal Bend.

To Aransas Pass- Redfish Bay, Lighthouse Lakes - Redfish Bay, Bird Rookery - Nueces Bay, Nueces Bay River and Wetlands and Marsh Project - Nueces Bay.

Also offering beginner level tours to North Beach - Back Bay, North Beach - Corpus Christi Bay, Sunset Lake - Portland and the Corpus Christi Marina.

Visit the Nature Trails Kayaking websiteto book your eco tour.