Story Walk trail at Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve offers a unique experience

New Story Walk trail at Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve
Posted at 8:27 AM, Sep 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-14 09:29:28-04

COPRUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Story Walk Trail at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve is an activity that families can enjoy all year long.

Preserve Manage Sara Jose says the trail is something they wanted for a while. So when the opportunity presented itself they teamed up with the National Recreation and Park Association to create this unique experience.

Staff says it's a great way for children to interact with nature while reading a story about a girl who takes matters into her own hands and re-imagines what her backyard can look like.

"Meadow View Street" by Henry Cole is a childrens' book you can read at the latest Installation at Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve.

"Its about a young girl who wants to convert her lawn into a meadow because she is now living on Meadow View Street," Jose said. .

Diving into this 16-page book is not how you imagine.

On the 162 acres of the preserve's hiking trail, a quarter mile is dedicated to telling this story.

"A lot of our staff really appreciates the message of the book and thought this would be a good introduction to this book," Jose said.

So, as you begin this story you'll see 18 signed panels that you can follow along at your own pace. Families say they are excited about what the preserve offers.

"Even with a big family like ours its a very educational and fun way to spend the afternoon," said Estaban Bernier, who homeschools his five children.

The youngest of Bernier's five children is 2 years old.

"Especially when you have older ones, they can substitute an entire lesson instead of reading a biology book at home or watching a YouTube video," Bernier said. "You can actually go and walk the trail and do it yourself."

If you have a book in mind you can visit the Oso Bat Wetlands Preserve and Learning Center Facebook page and comment below.