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TxDOT plan to address wrong-way drivers over the Harbor Bridge

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Posted at 1:34 PM, Mar 07, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Texas Department of Transportation officials said on Tuesday they are looking to install a wrong-way detection system on the Harbor Bridge before summer.

TxDOT District Engineer Valente Olivarez Jr. attended the City of Corpus Christi City Council meeting to provide an update on the new Harbor Bridge Tuesday afternoon.

However, the discussion shifted after City Councilman Mike Pusley raised concerns about the wrong-way drivers on the Harbor Bridge.

"We plan to have this detection system online by May, but we're pushing to get this done hopefully in April. That's the plan," Olivarez said.

Valente said TxDOT will send a press release later Tuesday to let the public know the Padre Street ramp will be closed Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to re-stripe that exit.

"This is in lieu of closing both ramps because we understand you still need access to those areas," Olivarez said.

"Hopefully, we plan to have Padre done by Friday and we're working with the city on getting Power Street done as well. So, if we can get these one-ways set up, we can work towards removing the closure on Power Street," he added.

That investigation revealed some southbound Harbor Bridge exits contribute to these dangerous, deadly wrong-way accidents.

Abbott said the situation is "extraordinarily dangerous and the danger is not acceptable."At least eight people have died from wrong-way accidents on that stretch of roadway, between 2015 and 2022, and others have narrowly avoided a collision.

KRIS 6 News obtained TxDOT’s plans to address wrong-way drivers in a media alert, not from TxDOT, but forwarded from State Rep. Terry Canales’ office.

KRIS 6 News promised to push for solutions and ask tough questions when we debuted our special investigation Facing Danger.

In November, immediately after the most recent fatalities, KRIS 6 News began looking into why nothing has been done to protect those who use the Harbor Bridge and U.S. 181.

Eight people have died from wrong-way accidents on that stretch of roadway, between 2015-2022, and others have narrowly avoided a collision.

TxDOT did not respond to our questions by the time part one of the special report aired on Feb. 15On February 22, TxDOT answered. But, rather than answering the questions the state agency provided a statement and said all questions were addressed.

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