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Rodriguez clarifies questions about second vaccinations

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Questions abound before second COVID-19 vaccinations
Posted at 5:21 AM, Jan 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-22 06:53:41-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Those who have taken the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine often come away from their first innoculation with questions.

Lorelei Saliani, a cancer patient from Ingleside with older parents, says it was very important for her to get the vaccine even though she had to deal with the confusion of a mega vaccination event.

“If I’m going to die from this cancer, I don’t want to die not being able to see my parents," said Saliani. "I don’t want to kill my parents by seeing them. I can't safely go grocery shopping, I don’t leave the house. I can’t see my children or my five grandchildren.”

Traveling from Rockport, Saliani says she and her parents arrived at the vaccination drive-through event around 3:40 a.m. They finally received the vaccine around 11:20 a.m.

Saliani, who was number 1784 in line, was able to get vaccinated with the first dose. She is now planning ahead for her second dose on Feb.13.

“You don’t want to wait two or three days before you’re due to get signed up, but everything is so confused and in limbo about when, where and when,” she said.

Nueces County Health Director Annette Rodriguez clarifies that it’s very important for individuals to understand the importance of getting their second dose. Moderna, which is currently used at the local mega vaccinations, recommends patients wait about 28 days to get their second dose.

Some what happens if you wait more than those 28 days?

“So, we don’t have studies for a year later , two years later, if you get your second dose," Rodriguez said. "But we do know it’s effective, 95% effective and we’re also telling people to get it as soon as possible."

All who receive the vaccine would like to avoid lines for their shots, especially having to endure a long wait for the second time.

“There’s not any signage whatsoever, we’re parked out on Highway 44 and cars are zooming past shaking our car,” Saliani said.

For those 500 people who received their first dose on Dec. 29, it’s time for their second dose next week.

“When we receive them, we’ll notify them that we’re going to have a drive through,”Rodriguez said.

When it’s time for your second dose, the health district will provide a text message which will lead to you getting a QR code before your shot. But that depends on what site you are going to and if you are returning to the same location of your first dose.

Rodriguez also suggests if you are planning to get vaccinated to have your phone ready, a charger in hand and to wear short sleeves.

It is important to note, a mega vaccine drive through event is not intended for everyone.

"If you feel like you can't handle the drive through, you can't handle the waiting hours, some people battle incontinence," said Rodriguez.

If this is the case she says you should consider a different mechanism, such as an appointment-based drive through.

Please note, if you have medical questions they should be addressed with your doctor before making the decision to get vaccinated.

And aside from the confusion during the mega COVID-19 vaccination event, Saliani would like to thank the volunteers for their patience during a long day of vaccinating many people.

The drive-through distribution at the Richard Borchard Regional Fairgrounds has two entry points - on Callicoatte Road (FM Road 1694) or through County Road 44.