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Local woman growing her own food shares her knowledge in response to rising prices

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 11:33:25-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Shopping at the grocery store is a bit more expensive these days.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects buying food at the grocery store will only get more expensive. Though, people in the Coastal Bend are already living through it.

“People are having to spend their money on food and necessities,” said Erika Duff.

It’s an expense that must be made. Duff found a way to feed herself at a fair price.

“It’s actually more affordable going through Cassie probably because these would be items at the store that are gourmet,” she said.

Duff said she’s a new client of Cassie Vanecek’s.

Vanecek delivers homestead boxes filled with food she makes and grows herself on her property out near Lake Corpus Christi.

This week’s box includes bread, goat cheese, salsa, cucumbers, and hummus

Cassie Vanecek invited KRIS 6 News to tour her property.

“I saw what I had that was available to harvest. I knew I could do the bread and I made some homemade butter, and I threw the box together,” said Vanecek.

Vanecek said iit’s been 3 months since she started selling homestead boxes and her following has really grown on her Facebook page, “The Unhinged Homesteader” as well as new clients.

For Vanecek its more about how it makes her feel. Sharing her garden with others.

“People need that right now with the fuel prices and the economy where it is. Everyone is kind of in a rut,” Vanecek said.

So, Vanecek gets to work. Outside in her garden with her animals.

Vanecek said right now more people are interested in learning how to live off the land and she’s willing to teach others what she knows.

“I know we live in the city but we’re going to have a garden and a homestead in our backyard,” she said.

By doing this Vanecek feeds herself, her family, and people in the Coastal Bend community.

You can follow Cassie Vanecek's personal blog “The Unhinged Homesteader” on Facebook and on Instagram @theunhingedhomesteader.