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Carroll students hand out maroon ribbons for Uvalde support

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Posted at 5:11 PM, Sep 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-06 18:11:25-04

Not everyone may own maroon-colored clothing, so at Carroll High School, students were sharing their thoughts for Uvalde with maroon-colored ribbons.

The Carroll student council started making the pin-on ribbons at around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

The students felt it was a way for more people to take part in this show of support for Uvalde.

The ribbons were a hit, the student council was handing them out by the bucketful.

“And I think it's just so great that our school has such a strong community to be able to come together like this,” said senior Miranda Glidewell.

Rodolfo Chavarria’s mom made several Uvalde strong T-shirts for his friends.

“Those 19 parents, I mean they ain't never gonna get to hold their babies, hold them, tell them ‘good night’ and uh, yeah,” the junior said. “It's a tragedy.”

The back of the shirt has the number "21," in memory of the 21 people who died in that school shooting.