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Breaks, hydration key to roofers keeping cool in summer heat

Roofers cover as much skin as possible to keep cool
Posted at 6:19 PM, Jun 21, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many areas in the Coastal Bend have been experiencing consistent triple digit temperatures, and while temperatures have Corpus Christi, and other coastal cities, have not been quite that high, the South Texas heat is no joke.

A group that knows about the heat in the summer too well: roofers.

“We’re out here every day on someone’s roof,” said Scott Ricks, the owner of Bayfront Roofing and Construction.

“On top of the roof, there’s not much shade, so there’s a lot of direct sunshine there.”

Roofers spend the whole day out in the sun and the heat during a job. Ricks stresses safety for his workers, and makes sure they take breaks during the day.

“It’s hard work, so we promote taking frequent breaks, at least once an hour get down and out of the sun,” he said.

“There’s no better solution than making sure you’re drinking enough water, hydration is extremely important this time of year.”

While it may seem counterintuitive, many roofers wear long sleeves, and cover their neck and face, to keep themselves cool.

“You put the long sleeves on and you might feel a little more hot, or it’s a little more uncomfortable because you’re sweating underneath it,” Ricks said. “But, you’re protecting your skin from the sun, and that sun baking down on your skin is really what’s going to get you throughout the day.”

In addition to being in the sun and heat, roofers need to worry about the heat of the roof itself.

“Either way it’s going to be bad,” Ricks said. “If it’s a reflective surface, then you have the reflection of that heat. If it’s a dark roof, then it’s absorbing the heat, so when you touch it, you’re getting that heat.”

Ricks said even on an overcast day, the crews don’t get much relief from the heat.

“100 degrees outside is hot regardless,” he said.