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Robstown Early College High School Class of 1970 dedicates Unity Wall

Posted at 4:59 PM, Oct 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-02 18:01:48-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Where were you 50 years ago? Some of you might not have even been born yet.

As for the Robstown Early College High SChool Class of 1970, they were walking the halls of the high school, making memories.

But that’s all they are now-memories. The class got together again today to make even more memories and commemorate their 50 year reunion after not being able to have it last year due to the pandemic.

Leo Silva is one of the graduates from the class of 1970 and was in attendance today at the high school to dedicate a new “Unity Wall”.

He said even though he has moved away at times in his life, he still calls Robstown home and keeps in touch with classmates.

“We have a lot of commonalities that brings us together and keeps us united,” Silva said.

The Unity Wall’s left side has a history of the cotton picking-town. The right side of the wall is broken into 3 themes: the family unit, the results of leadership and teamwork, and 10 exemplary graduates.

Silva said he is hoping the wall will inspire future generations to be like the hard-working cotton pickers that came before them.

“It shows that we have the spirit that the old pioneers have. They were strong, rugged, and tough. That’s what made Robstown,” he said.

The class is selling bricks that will be placed below the wall to raise money for student scholarships that they can use to purse education after they leave the high school.

“We want to give everybody a fair chance to be successful in life and we feel that if you have something to shoot for then it’s something worth doing,” Conrad Cantu, class of 1970, said.

Nita Reeves-Becker also graduated in 1970 and also took part in today’s festivities at the wall and the auditorium, which included the high school’s band playing and speeches from fellow classmates.

She said she has lived in Robstown her whole life and she still keeps in touch with classmates.

“We believe in friendship, honor, support of other people and we’re just a fun loving town,” she said.