KRIS 6 asks, ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ in November special reports

Posted at 8:30 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 10:59:12-05

The mid-term election is coming up Tuesday, Nov. 6 and in it, voters will likely cast their ballots for the leaders who best answer the question, “Where do we go from here?” and what is true across the nation is also true right here at home.

Most everyone wants to have a first-rate, growing city. That is not in dispute. Our destination, however, will not be determined by our hopes and intentions, but by our direction.

These days, it seems that everyone is talking about the future of our city. From politicians to those who run businesses, from community leaders to average citizens, just about anyone who is asked is willing to weigh in on the subject.

Including us.

During the month of November, KRIS 6 News will bring you a series of special reports looking at where we stand in several key areas — and where we are going.

Consider the following:

Corpus Christi will soon have a newly-elected Mayor and a new-look City Council.

Keep in mind that while there are challengers in each race, there are three open seats with no elected incumbent. It is one-third of the council, and they will help set the tone for the kind of city we will be.

As the 8th most populous city in Texas, opportunity is abundant in Corpus Christi. But as other cities have discovered, opportunity alone will not drive a community toward a thriving future. For that, there must be a plan.

According to the Census Bureau, the population of Texas swelled to more than 28 million people in 2017. Of the roughly 400,000 residents the state gained, about half are people moving here from somewhere else. That makes any city with a vibrant economic outlook, affordable housing and a superior infrastructure — including water and roadways — a prime candidate for people who are looking to settle and businesses looking to expand.

In addition, Corpus Christi boasts the 5th largest port in the United States, begging the question: What could the Port’s current stewardship mean for the days ahead?

During this series, we will reveal what we have discovered in each of these important categories.

The other half of our state’s population growth comes from what is called natural increase. Texans having babies.

For those families, education, health care and quality of life become a concern. Cities that excel there not only have the potential to keep the families they already have, but also to attract others.

Does Corpus Christi’s progress in these areas point to a bright future? We will show you what we’ve found. In some cases, it may be eye-opening.

Join KRIS 6 News each Tuesday and Thursday at 6 & 10 p.m. throughout the month to see this series of reports.