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Mangonadas by MLB serving up delectable, icy treats

Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 24, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A mangonada is a classic Mexican frozen dessert that now can be found in Corpus Christi.

Mangonada by MLB, 1590 N. Shoreline Blvd., is serving up the delicious chilly treat to a growing legion of enthusiasts across the Coastal Bend.

The concoction turns a sorbet with Chamoy, a typically deliciously spicy Mexican sauce, into a tantalizing treat.

Bianca Lopez, one of the co-owners of the business, said it originated in Mexico as a frozen treat served on a popsicle stick.

But now, it’s a sorbet-style dessert because owners wanted to put a Coastal Bend spin on it.

Sometimes, you just want an icy treat to cool down. That’s what enthusiasts have said they like about Lopez's creation.

The business started out as a booth at festivals about eight years ago, but then they grew into a food truck. Now, they have a physical location kiosk by the waterfront in front of the American Bank Center.

“We’ve love being right by the water with all this beautiful weather,“Lopez said. “We started doing Mangonada’s from our food truck. And we have been wanting to open up a storefront and we got with the city and was able to get the kiosk down North Shoreline.”

Flores said making the treats is almost as enjoyable as eating one.

“We get to have fun here and play,” she said. “We started making mangonadas because I actually fell in love with one mangonada the very first time I went down to the valley.”

The treat’s name is obvious, she said.

“We came up with our mangonada which is mango sorbet, fresh mango, and Chamoy syrup on top," she says.

And fans are raving about all of them ever since.

“This one I have is a Piccadilly,” said Natalia, a recent customer. “It has Chamoy and mango. It's really good.”

The cool treat helps them beat the heat during another long, hot South Texas summer.

“I like to go to the swimming pool over there and sit there and play in the water and eat and drink them,” she said.

The new location has been a blessing as Mangonada by MLB grows during the pandemic.

“We have been here just a little over a month,” she said. “It has been extremely great.

“And we just love it so much that we were like nope this is all we want to do the rest of our lives, Make mangonadas”.