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Premont Veterans Association in need of bugle insert

Posted at 3:46 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 17:00:24-04

PREMONT, Texas — A bugle playing is a common sound at military ceremonies and events, and there’s a way for groups to have a bugle playing with little to no training.

The Premont Veterans Association is committed to helping veterans in the Premont area and throughout Jim Wells County.

The group provides honor for various veteran events, but they are missing something.

What the group needs is a bugle, but not just any bugle.

“We don’t have a bugle in our organization right now,” said Premont Veterans Association President Ric Rubio.

For a group like the PVA, not having their own bugle leaves them relying on others. Borrowing a bugle isn't a problem if one is available.

“Sometimes the bugle is not available, so we have to change our entire thing,” Rubio said.

Because of conflicts, Rubio had to schedule the PVA's recent Memorial Day observance for the Saturday before. Not because he was concerned about low turnout, but because that's when he could get a bugle.

So, what's so special about this bugle? An electronic insert.

“The insert is the key part of the bugle,” Rubio said. “You can get any bugle to look the part but the insert is what plays taps and other songs.”

With the insert, anyone can hold any bugle to their mouth and sound like they have years of training.

“We’re not all trained musicians, so we have to rely on other aspects,” Rubio said.

These inserts are used by veteran groups across the country, but they don't come cheap.

“That bugle costs between $450-700, depending on if it’s used or not,” Rubio said. “We’re growing, but that’s an expense we can’t afford right now.”

Ceremonies are just one of the ways the PVA honors veterans. The group’s mission is to serve those who've served.

“We make sure they get to their appointments, if we have to drive them, we do that,” Rubio said. “If we have to deliver them meals, we do that; whatever it takes to honor our veterans here in our town.”

The PVA currently borrows bugles from VFW Post 7634 in Falfurrias or United Veterans Association in Alice.

Rubio is a member of both, which makes borrowing them easier, but says having their own would make what they do easier.

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