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Group project strengthens veterans' bonds

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 07, 2021

COROPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As the Corpus Christi Adult Day Care reopened, staff looked for ways to better social distance; they found one right outside their door.

“It was a project that was going to be a patio,” said center owner Lisa Stringer. “And then we thought why not just do a garden?”

Stringer decided to dedicate the garden to those who've served. It makes sense, seeing as the daycare has a popular veterans program.

“We just literally planted the seeds and it's taken off,” said Stringer.

There's tomatoes, peppers, even watermelon. The garden has become a labor of love for the veterans and staff alike.

“We're every day, out here tending to it,” said Stringer. “We enjoy each other, we enjoy eachother's company.”

“That's what I appreciate from Ms. Lisa and Mr. Mike and everybody here,” said U.S. Army Veteran Orlando Benavides. “That's what I like about coming here every day.”

Corpus Christi Adult Day Care started its veterans program about 15 years ago as a way to offer veterans a place to go so they won't be alone. A place to bond with their fellow vets and have the camaraderie that only veterans share.

“It's just blossomed ever since then,” said Stringer. “We've had so many veterans who have come here and found it as a home, a second home.”

Corpus Christi Adult Day Care’s veterans program is open to any vet who needs nursing services, including meals. For more information, call the center at (361) 855-5050.