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All veterans eligible for COVID-19 vaccine through VA

Posted at 5:54 PM, Apr 05, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The Department of Veterans Affairs has great news for any veteran who wants a COVID-19 vaccine.

Generally, only veterans enrolled in the VA health care can been seen at the VA clinic, but new legislation allows more veterans to get their vaccine there.

“All veterans, not just those who are enrolled with us, but anybody who's ever served in the military is eligible,” said Dr.Steve Blivin, Associate Deputy Chief of Staff for the VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health System.

The expansion was made possible by the recently enacted Save Lives Act. Passed last month by Congress, the new law makes not only all veterans eligible for a vaccine, it also makes their spouses eligible as well as their caregivers.

Blivin says the local clinic has administered around 4,000 doses with little trouble.

“The people that have called us have been able to get in, and we've done these mass drive-thru clinics,” said Blivin

Blivin says the VA expects more veterans to call looking for a vaccine, and that the clinic will be ready.

“I believe we'll still be able to keep up,” he said.

Locally, the VA clinic has been getting the Moderna vaccine. Blivin says that could change based on supplies. He also says that if a veteran wants a vaccine they should get it, whether it's from the VA,. the health department, or somewhere else.

“Get the first vaccine that you can, independent of who's giving it, or which manufacturer is giving it,” said Blivin.

Any veteran wanting a COVID-19 vaccine should check out the VA website for more information, or call 855-864-0516.