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KRIS 6 Exclusive: CCPD cadets conduct standard field sobriety tests

Posted at 7:24 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 20:35:21-05

These Corpus Christi Police Department cadets have studied standard field sobriety tests in a classroom setting.

But their trip earlier this week provided them with a chance to conduct their first field tests.

Cadets like Vince Gutierrez say exercises like this are beneficial.

“And then apply it out on to hands-on training. It’s really going to benefit us on the streets so we know what to do,” Gutierrez said.

The training helps identify tell-tale signs like impaired movements or slurred speech. The class was taught by CCPD officer Samantha Baldwin.

Baldwin has made numerous DWI arrests and was able to offer these cadets her street knowledge along with what they learn in this exercise.

“So for them to be able to identify that, and be confident in doing the test to make that decision that person needs to be off the road, it helps them be a better officer,” Baldwin said.

For these soon to be CCPD officers, the learning stages are the most vital part before they can earn their badges.

And as for the 12 volunteers, they were not allowed to drive home. It was a requirement that they had to find a ride home.