Council members asking Mayor Dan McQueen for answers

Posted at 10:48 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 15:29:59-04

Two Corpus Christi council members are speaking out this afternoon calling on former Mayor Dan McQueen to explain himself following a KRIS 6 News investigation.

On Monday, KRIS 6 news reported that there could be possible nepotism issues with the mayor and his now former chief of staff. After McQueen was elected, he appointed Shari Douglas as his chief of staff. Voter registration records show since 2012 McQueen and Douglas have shared a home address. Driver’s license records show soon after the election, Douglas changed her address to a post office box.

The city has an ethics policy and also a nepotism policy about employment, and it includes domestic partner relationships.  As chief of staff, Douglas has a full-time city position, paid for by city tax dollars. Douglas’ resume does not show a background in government or public policy. City salary records show Douglas would have earned $60,970 a year. Her job also included health benefits and a pension. McQueen’s mayor job is part-time with a total compensation of $14,000 a year.

Council member Lucy Rubio and Rudy Garza both say it raises more questions and introduces additional problems to issues they are trying to deal with, like our water and street problems.

Rubio said: “I’m a little disappointed. I mean everybody is talking about it and it’s embarrassing to our city. We have a lot of projects to be considered and this kind puts a halt and it’s very disappointing. I think as elected officials we have a commitment we need to respond to the media and so I think he needs to explain himself on what exactly is occurring and maybe he has an explanation that people will be able to understand.”

Garza said, “Any question mark puts us in a negative light and it’s been bad enough with the water boils and the water bans, just it’s bad enough with the issue to contend with.”