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Table Talk: Prices Chef in Nueces County

One concern: the future of fracking
Posted at 11:40 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-14 12:07:55-05

Serving up breakfast since 1940, Prices Chef at 6 Points in Corpus Christi has become an institution.

That’s why we thought it was the perfect place to go to begin a new series on KRIS 6 Sunrise that we call “Table Talk.” We want to hear what you and your neighbors are talking about and what’s important in your community.

Each week on Kris 6 Sunrise, we’ll take you to one of 12 Coastal Bend counties.

When you do the math, people have been eating at Prices Chef for 80 years and that's 20 presidential elections later. But when it comes to the year 2020, there’s no doubt it's the election people are talking about.

“Life didn't change but politics definitely changed,” Homer Martinez of Corpus Christi told us.

Robert Hendrichs of Corpus Christi said, “I think it's time that we clean house.”

While Eric Scholz of Corpus Christi believes, “America just needs to blend together.”

This conversation continues as President Donald Trump continues to insist he won the election.

The President telling Fox News, “This is a fraud against the American people. It's a fraud against the United States of America.”

While on Monday, President-elect Joe Biden received his first presidential daily briefing and continued to choose his incoming administration.

As we continued to talk with diners, one of the concerns we heard centered on fracking and President- elect Joe Biden's decision not to ban it outright altogether. As we know, it’s some Texans’ livelihood and if it does get banned, they say they realize they could find themselves in a really tight spot.

When we asked Vincent Luna of Corpus Christi what he thought about the next 4 years, he told us, “A downfall. A real bad downfall.”

It’s a situation that creates an uncertain future for his wife and four children - ages 1, 2, 4 and 9.

Luna himself works in the oilfield.

“It's how we make our living,” Luna said. “Our families. We depend on this.”

But did Biden ever say outright he opposed fracking?

When talking about fracking at a recent campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Biden told the crowds, “i'll protect those jobs, period, no matter what Donald Trump says.”

He then added, “I will no longer fund oil companies with subsidies, period."

Obviously for Luna, that’s troubling.

"It's our everyday living and now it's going to be taken away and it's scary,” he said as he sat with his wife and the two could only think of what could happen.

For other voters like Robert Hendricks of Corpus Christi who's been coming to Prices Chef since he was five, his biggest concern is other countries meddling in U.S. elections.

“What went wrong is Trump won too big and it screwed up their cheating scandal,” Hendricks told us.

Though some voters like Eric Scholz of Corpus Christi say they believe that everyone needs to come together at times like these.

“I have a bright outlook on our future,” Scholz said, adding he’s an independent voter.

When we asked Hendricks if he was losing faith in the electoral process, he pointed out that “I don’t have it. No. I don’t have faith in it.”

Do you think that this election will teach us when we face our next election for years from now? “I think that we have a lot to learn from this election,’ Scholz told us as we wondered whether this election would teach all of us lessons for future elections.

President Trump has said he*will vacate the White House on January 20th if the electoral college formalizes the victory of President-elect Biden, which it's on track to do by mid-December.