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Game Changer: Sinton senior Ray Perez

Game Changer: Sinton senior Ray Perez
Posted at 11:00 PM, Oct 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-11 12:41:16-04

SINTON, TX — "Friday nights when those lights come on you know Ray (Perez) is going to give it everything he has," said Michael Troutman, Sinton football head coach.

Sinton Pirates (4-3, 1-0) senior Ray Perez, our week 7 Game Changer, plays all over the field.

"To be honest it just feels like I have to lead the team," Ray Perez, Sinton senior free safety and running back. "They all look up to me and I have to keep my head straight, keep the sideline going when we're down and just let them know to never give up."

Perez showcased his resiliency on Friday against Robstown when he turned nothing into something and more on this kick return.

"I did not know if they were going to kick it my way or not because they kicked it the other way before," said Perez. "Well they ended up kicking my way. I ran straight and then a dude hit me. I threw him off and I looked up-field and I saw the whole team coming, so I cut all the way. I juked out a dude, broke another tackle, went all the way back and scored."

Perez ran 88 yards on a second quarter kickoff return for a touchdown, but that's not the only place he made an impact. He also played on offense and defense.

"He understands concepts. He understands football," said Troutman. "He understands what we are trying to accomplish and what we are trying to achieve and he wants to be out there. The other day he said coach you can depend on me. I will carry this team if I have to."

The Pirates defeated Robstown 83-20 in a UIL 4A-DII District 15 matchup. Perez tallied all of his stats in the first half including the kickoff return for a touchdown, one interception, 3 tackles and a 2-point conversion.

"You know we just face a lot of adversity, but we learn how to come back from everything," said Perez. "We're a strong team and we're always going to be there for each other and we have each others back, so I feel like that helps out a lot."

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