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Blue Out for Kacy, Rivers remembered at Skidmore-Tynan

Blue Out for Kacy, Rivers remembered at Skidmore-Tynan
Posted at 11:09 PM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 00:19:38-04

The Skidmore-Tynan Lady Cats match against the Yorktown Wildcats was more than a game. It was a way to honor one of their teammate's memories and the entire community showed up to Blue Out for Kacy.

Skidmore-Tynan sophomore Kacy Rivers was dedicated to defense. Last year she saved 163 digs.

"She loved volleyball so much. Every time we would go to open gym, just anything, she would just be like hey let's go play," said Kaitlyn Salinas, Skidmore-Tyanan senior. "Like let's do this. Let's do that. Let's work on hitting."

Rivers' positive personality shined a light every time she stepped on the court.

"Kacy was definitely our cheerleader," said Neddia Gonzales, Skidmore-Tynan senior. "If we were down she would always pick us up."

Now the Lady Cats are having to find another source of strength. In July 2022 Rivers' was unexpectedly taken away as she was about to leave her house for a Tuloso-Midway tournament.

"Her getting ready for volleyball and then she had her seizure, but always a Lady Cat," said Katy Rivers, Kacy's mother.

"I remember that day," said Salinas. "We were just all confused because she did not show up to our first game and then our coach told us what happened after our first game and it was just heartbreaking."

Later that day Kacy was gone, but not forgotten.

"It was just very special to know how much Kacy touched everybody in her positive force and just the love and the outpouring that we received from the community was wonderful," said Katy.

Skidmore-Tynan has dedicated their season to Rivers, playing for their teammate whose name alongside number 8 is listed on the varsity roster.

"She just came right in and tried to rally the team and keep everybody's positive spirits going and just really a positive force on the team," said Katy.

Rivers would expect nothing less from her teammates now. Against Yorktown the purple and gold became a crowd of blue. Wearing Rivers' favorite color to Blue Out For Kacy.

"If we do mess up what would Kacy do? How would she pick us up and we just got to think of it mentally," said Gonzales. "We know that she would come up from behind us and say it's okay, shake it off and we just continue going."

Skidmore-Tynan defeated Yorktown in three sets 25-17, 25-14 and 25-23, improving their record to (18-9, 1-0).