Campbell ready to build on Calallen football legacy

Steve Campbell takes over for Phil Danaher
Steve Campbell takes over Calallen football
Posted at 8:59 PM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 22:12:21-04

The Calallen Wildcats are looking to build on their winning legacy, but they'll have to do so with a few changes to the roster and staff this season.

"I think Coach Steve Campbell is the greatest defensive mind in the State of Texas," said Grant Taylor, Calallen Senior Center and Defensive Tackle.

Nearly four decades after joining currently Texas' winningest head coach in high school football Phil Danaher's staff, 63-year-old Steve Campbell took over as the Wildcat's head coach in UIL 4A-DI.

"Well Coach Danaher poured his whole life into this school 38 years ago, and you know he's really laid the groundwork for this program," said Campbell.

With a new head Wildcat, Calallen is looking to continue the legacy at Phil Danaher Stadium and it starts with week one of football practice.

"I think the pipes out there are easily the hardest drill you can do in Texas," said Taylor. "It takes a lot of grit and effort. We really want to make sure we want to be very conditioned so we can out-physical the team in the fourth quarter. We know if we can get through these four days we can get through anything."

"You have Bryce Burnett at quarterback and he's got a great arm," said Campbell. "He's a great leader and a really good young man."

"I think we have the best backfield in the state of Texas, Epi Hinojosa, Skyler Rubio, Sonny Carpinello, and Luke Medina," said Burnett.

Calallen looks to build on their 37-season playoff run, but the process starts at practice.

"We're all here altogether as a family, as a team," said Burnett. "We all want the same thing, a championship."