Del Mar College's new Oso Creek Campus opening soon on southside

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Posted at 4:13 PM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-02 17:15:00-05

Del Mar College is just a few months away from opening their new campus on the South Side. The new campus is called Oso Creek Campus located at 7002 S. Yorktown Blvd.

Vice President and Chief Physical Facilities Officer John Strybos said the campus sits on 90 acres of land, giving Del Mar the perfect opportunity to meet the needs of the growing South Side area.

"So it has a lot of residents living in this area, so ideally they would come here. But because of the nature of the programs, when you talk about architecture, anyone who wants to study architecture would come here," said Strybos.

The modern campus will include a main building for student services, library, S.T.E.M. building, a culinary academy and a full course load of general education classes.

"Math, science english, we also have specialized programs, we have our culinary arts programs, we will have our architecture program, pre-engineering program," said Strybos.

Students from any Del Mar College campus can use the facilities.

"Oh! It's amazing, its good they are expanding to the South Side," said Raul Perez, a student at the East campus.

"I'm so happy for people who live closer there because they have a new campus to go to. Because a lot of people do live in Corpus," said Ashlei Ghcranford, a second year student at the East campus.

Strybos said they will open Oso Creek Campus July 11 with a soft opening for the Summer II session followed by another one for the Fall semester, with the campus fully opening January 2023.

"And the community needs these opportunities. These are affordable quality education. They can get any kind of degree that they need, the first parts of it. These are two year degrees," said Strybos.

Strybos said there will be faculty and staff jobs as well as some for students. To apply, click here.