CCISD superintendent talks about the district's biggest concerns after COVID-19

Roland Hernandez
Posted at 12:47 AM, Oct 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-27 11:04:23-04

Corpus Christi Independent School District Superintendent Roland Hernandez will be delivering the “State of the District” address Wednesday.

He is expected to highlight the district's successes, such as having a school such as Windsor Park receive national recognition.

When I sat down with him to talk about the wins and challenges for the district, he said one of the biggest challenges is students who are still unaccounted for.

"Either they're claiming to be in homeschool but they are not registered in the public schools, and so a lot of times you wonder are they homeschooled? Did they move out of state?" he said.

When the CCISD school year started Aug. 10, there were thousands of families that were not ready to get their kids back in school, and didn't register them elsewhere either.

"But because we had our KEYS walk where we go out in the neighborhoods to recover kids, and we continue to promote attendance and getting in the schools,” he said. “Now we're back up to 33,300 right in that range."

There are still roughly under 1,000 kids who are right now unaccounted for.

"And I think that is the biggest message and all that is: The pandemic, while it did slow down things face-to-face, it never stopped school and unfortunately I think we have many families who feel that ‘Until things settle down, we’ll just hold our kids out of school,’ ” he said. “Well, they're going to be the ones who pay the price a little bit more when they come back because they are gonna have so much of a learning gap."

We will be carrying the State of the CCISD address on our website, as well as our social media sites. We also will carry it live, as well, on our sister station KDF starting at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday.

The event is hosted by the Corpus Christi Education Foundation.

On KRIS 6 News Sunrise Wednesday morning, Hernandez talks about the state of the new Carroll High School.