CCISD holding extended in-person summer-school sessions following pandemic school year

TEA issues COVID-19 protocols for upcoming school year
Posted at 5:26 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-14 18:32:08-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — CCISD started in-person summer school on Monday after a school year altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer school will be extended this year in order to help students bridge any gaps in learning caused by a mix of in-person and virtual instruction.

Summer school is typically just two weeks worth of half-day classes. This year's two summer sessions will consist of one month of full school days.

The added time will allow teachers to help further catch up students who need the extra help.

“In addition to doing the core subjects of reading and math, we have opportunities to do science, social studies," said Corinna Longoria, the CPR Coordinator for summer school at Club Estates Elementary School. "We have opportunities to do a lot more fun activities, and to spend more of the day developing relationships with the students.”

Longoria is a mother, as well, and said virtual learning was tough for students this year, including her daughter. She said this year, summer school is extra important for students.

“I know summer school always has this negative connotation, but we’re really trying to make it a positive thing for the district,” she said.

Monica Drake, an elementary teacher working with third- and fourth-graders this summer, echoed Longoria's thoughts.

“Those scholars that are having issues getting those skills sharpened; it’s really good to have them in class,” she said.

However, Longoria said summer school is not only important for the students academically, but socially as well.

“In the district, we put an emphasis on social emotional learning," she said. "So, I think it’s very important for the kids, especially after the year that we’ve had. I know some of the scholars we have on campus were virtual, and are now getting to come back and meet new friends, and talk to teachers. Their faces light up, because they’re able to interact with other children."

Drake is teaching summer school for the first time, and wants the kids to enjoy coming to school over the summer.

“I want to encourage the kids, and I want to make it fun, so they’re not feeling like, ‘Oh gosh, I’ve got to go to school again,” she said.

The current summer school session lasts until July 1, and the second session is July 5 to July 22.