Study: Latino population among those hit hardest by COVID-19

University of Miami study
Posted at 5:15 AM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 06:44:44-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A new study from the University of Miami explores how the Latino population has been hit among the hardest by the coronavirus.

According to the News @TheU from the University of Miami a factor on how the global pandemic has affected the Latino population includes underlying health issues which include diabetes, asthma and obesity.

However, health challenges are not the only thing that COVID-19 has hit in the Latino population.

"They have had a hard time obtaining new employment jobs, primarily a lot of them are uneducated, most of them are undocumented as well as elderly so they are unable to continue to provide for their families,” said Child Protective Services Supervisor Ariel Burger.

Research indicates many who are undocumented have the fear of deportation when getting tested for the virus.

But immigration attorney Mary Helen Berlanga says her clients would call her first before any apprehension and impactful decisions were made.

“So that shouldn’t be fear of getting deported or they’re not going to deport them. It’s not a place where they’re registering you ... send you away,” said Berlanga.

Berlanga says her clients would be able to pay for the tests because they can see the effects of the virus.

“They’re going to pay it because they know how important it is so stay healthy for immigration purposes and as well as their families,” said Berlanga.

Another concern is how many in the Latino population are uninsured. Workers with child protective services say resources are available like taking a visit to the Amistad Community Health Center and to keep taking proper precautions.

“Continue to use proper handwashing techniques, wear a mask gloves if desired and continue to maintain social distancing,” said Burger.

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