Even during a pandemic, Quincea˜neras are an important coming of age celebration

A quincea˜nera is a traditional coming of age celebration.
Posted at 9:23 AM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 12:04:40-05

CORPUS CHRISTI — Quinceaneras mark a young women's transition from childhood into adulthood and Elsie Ortiz is getting ready for her daughters quince on Saturday.

"We started in January of last year and because COVID started we had to wait six months and so I'm 6 months behind on the planning," said Ortiz.

The to-do list was extensive.

"Oh first was the dress hunt," Elsie Ortiz said.

Planning a big party means trying to get multiple things done. The dress is something you should get fitted for right away.

Belinda Obregon, owner of Bel's Tuxedo and Quinceanera Boutique, recommends doing this a year in advance.

"It's overwhelming because they like all of them and they have to choose just one," said Obregon.

Booking some events here and there, Obregon says her store was hit hard by the pandemic.

"I will not be having a location and a storefront what I'm willing to do is go out."

Macs Pit Barbecue and Catering in Rockport has also been hired for the Ortiz quince and are making changes to keep foodservice safe.

"We have barriers to protect the food as best as possible so we don't spread anything nobody's spreads germs or things like that," said Michal Garza, Macs Pit Barbecue and Catering Manager.

Listening to mariachi is a traditional part of the big day. While Mariachi Bandolero wont be playing at the Ortiz quince, band member Armando Martinez says COVID has changed how they perform.

"Have people commenting, asking for songs, and enjoying it and getting good reviews."

During the planning, Ortiz says she had to be flexible and remember why she's dealing with the stress.

"So many things have been taken away from them, and I can't imagine them missing out on it because of COVID."

Her daughters quince will be different than what she had in mind but they are also turning to Facebook Live for family in Mexico to tune in.

The Ortiz quincea˜nera will be staying safe at half capacity staying socially distanced and wearing masks.