Thibodaux, La., sustains significant damage during Hurricane Ida

Waffle House in Thobodeax.jpg
Posted at 10:41 PM, Aug 30, 2021

THIBODAUX, Louisiana — The cleanup begins in southeastern Louisiana after Hurricane Ida came through, causing extensive damage here in Thibodaux, La.

Law-enforcement officers restricted traffic, only letting residents and essential personnel into the county.

“And nothing's open,” said officer Clint Dempster. “Nothing's open in the city. No business has opened so again, and unless it's someone trying to get to their home and check on their home, it's really no reason to have to come back.”

Our trip from Morgan City to Thibodaux was just 30 miles long, but signs of Ida's destruction were visible about halfway there.

A Waffle House in Gray was completely destroyed. Since before the storm, a parish-wide curfew was enacted. That remains in effect now, and it's going to continue until further notice.

Officials are urging folks to stay off the roadways so crews can begin the cleanup.

Thibodaux only is allowing its residents to enter.

“People are here and there and had to evacuate,” said Police Chief Bryan Zeringue. “We really work with someone that has a family member that maybe couldn't make that trip, that had to stay behind, so it's important that we do our best to work with it."

Essential personnel here working to restore power and cell service. Even 911 is down.

“Again, if you see an officer -- whether it be a firefighter, whether it be a police officer -- we're gonna be all up-and-down the city, the parish (county) and on the streets,” he said. “Flag us down and let us know you know what you need, what aid you need, and we'll come to you.”

Those looking for updates on loved ones or how conditions are faring, officials say the best way to do that is to keep checking on their social media pages and as those updates become available they'll be pushing them out for now.