Robstown ISD trustees make successful changes

Posted at 7:54 AM, Jan 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-14 14:24:28-05

ROBSTOWN, Texas — Once a month, seven members who were elected onto the Robstown School Board meet to discuss the future of the district.

"I'm an alumni from Robstown, I wanted to give back and give back to the children, the school, the alma mater that I attended," said Eva Orono, a Robstown school board member for 12 years.

Two years ago, Robstown ISD came out as a "C rated" district in the Texas State Accountability Ratings.

The school board and superintendent knew their district could do better.

"This past year, when the state accountability ratings came out (it) was a very positive note for the district that we have a b rating," Orono said.

The District is seeing success through the new ideas the board has instilled this school year. Among their steps have included adding Del Mar College Ready Program classes, 4-D technology in classrooms, more than $150,000 for renovating the agricultural barn, along with two case workers now on site for the students school and at home life.

This year was also the first time a Robstown High School student received an associate's degree through its college ready program while still in high school.

"Everybody's holding onto that and hoping that doubles and triples and quadruples in the next couple of years," two-year school board member Lori Garza said.

The district's attendance and grades have risen, while bullying has gone down, the trustees said.

The school board is committed to continuing the changes with an end goal in mind.

"We'll eventually make the improvements that we need, so that at one point we could be an A rating district," Orona said.