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Top destinations for Texas wildflower season

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Posted at 4:22 PM, Mar 08, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With the variations in weather this past year, from droughts in the west and average rainfall in the southeast, experts predict a patchy wildflower season this Spring.

According to Andrea DeLong-Amaya, the director of horticulture at the Lady Bird Johnson, wildflower enthusiasts will likely see lovely displays in Central Texas and the southeastern region.

Yet, prescribed burns and seeding in southern areas of Texas are predicted to lead to a wide array of grassland wildflowers.

The Texas Parks and Wildflower Department recommends taking a road trip across Texas to explore scenic routes filled with bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, phlox, coreopsis, prickly poppies, sunflowers, firewheels, winecups and prairie verbena.

Experts say one of the most iconic areas in Texas for wildflowers is Parkhill Prairie, a park located on County Road 668 in Collin County.

"Wildflowers there include wild petunia, Indian paintbrush, winecup, prairie clover, purple coneflower, Mexican hat, gayfeather, goldenrod, and asters. The park is open daily sunrise to sundown," said officials.

Several parks in Dallas also have quality prairie lands with blooms, including Flagpole Hill and other parts of White Rock Lake.

Wildflowers around College Station, Bryan, and Brenham are predicted to bring an abundant bloom as temperatures wind down, and Spring approaches.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say to be careful not to trample or pick wildflowers so that they can seed for next year.

The 5,654-acre Sandyland Sanctuary in Silsbee anticipates a good spring display, according to Shawn Benedict, TNC’s East Texas forest preserves manager.

“It has been pretty wet up until recently, and if we get some late winter rains and do some planned prescribed burns, that stimulates new grasses and forbs,” Benedict

Spring Break is around the corner and families will have ample opportunities for outdoor family photo shoots, and breathtaking hikes.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department posts wildflower sightings in state parks and wildlife management areas on its Flickr page and various social media accounts, including those many for individual parks.

The Wildflower Center recommends scenic drives on its website.