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Ninth victim in Astroworld crowd surge dies

Texas A&M student dies after attending concert
Bharti Shahani
Posted at 7:10 AM, Nov 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-12 08:26:12-05

HOUSTON, Texas — A ninth victim of last week's crowd surge at the Astroworld Music Festival has died.

The family of Texas A&M student Bharti Shahani announced she died from injuries received at the concert after fighting for her life for nearly a week.

Shahani went to the concert with her sister and cousin and got separated from them in the chaos.

Her death is the latest after the crowd surge at the concert headlined by rapper Travis Scott a week ago. More than 50,000 were in attendance.

While Scott briefly halted the show, video shows he played on even after authorities declared a mass casualty event.

Shahani's cousin says what happened is an atrocity.

"Nightmare. Horror. Barbarity and catastrophe. That's what happened that night," Shahani's cousin Mohit Bellani said. "I think the word that should be used is atrocity. That this was 100% avoidable. That this was an act of pure brutality.

"Pray for everyone who experienced that hellish experience and somehow survived. Because I guarantee they're traumatized by it somehow."

Scott's attorney is blasting "finger pointing" and "inconsistencies" by Houston city officials.

An investigation is underway by Houston police as to what exactly triggered the concert to take a deadly turn.

A 9-year-old boy is still hospitalized in critical condition.

At least 58 lawsuits have been filed in connection to the incident.