In-N-Out Burger to open in Houston, will make 16 total in Texas

Posted at 7:59 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 21:34:37-04

The first In-N-Out location is set to open in the Houston area, closest to the Texas coast so far.

The California-based chain was established in 1948 and their first Texas location was in Dallas in 2011. The restaurant has a cult following much like Whataburger does in Texas, butBusiness Insider, Buzzfeed, and probably most Texans agree which one is better (Whataburger).

The new location is set to be at a Texas Instruments Building in Stafford, Texas, in the Houston metropolitan area.

Brian Murphy, a spokesperson helping with the In-N-Out development, said construction will begin soon.

Among the other 15 locations, In-N-Out plans to keep opening up locations in Texas, but they haven’t disclosed the locations.

“You’ll see them come in quietly,” vice president in the retail division at CBRE, Jazz Hamiltontold the Houston Chronicle,“All of a sudden, they’ll start building all at once.”

Plans have yet to be been announced about opening an In-N-Out location in Whataburger’s hometown of Corpus Christi.