Memorial honors veterans in Texas state capitol

Posted at 1:14 PM, Nov 10, 2018

AUSTIN, TX – (KXAN) A six-year-long project to honor veterans makes itself at home at the Texas state capitol just in time for Veterans Day.

The memorial is called “Price of Liberty”  and it shows lady liberty pulling a soldier away from his family.

Veterans can look upon this bronze statue with pride as it honors those who served in the global war on terror since September 11th.

Project organizers hope this half a million dollar statue will inspire more Texans to say “thanks” not just to the veterans but also their families.

Col. James Stryker, Army (Ret.) of the Texas War Memorial Chair, said, “I want Texans to look at that and say wow there is a sacrifice. People talk about war and they say we support you but until you see what these service members go through you don’t realize what sacrifices they made.”

A new memorial at the Texas state captiol honors veterans who served in the in the global war on terror. (KXAN)