People relying on eviction moratorium face homelessness risk

Resources present to those facing eviction
Posted at 5:12 AM, Oct 04, 2021
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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We've heard from people with questions on how they can avoid being evicted and what to do if they are evicted.

There are resourcesavailable in the Coastal Bend for those who need it.

"They can call our office at 361-884-0651 and just ask to talk to one of our financial assistants," said senior director of programs Angie Garcia.

The Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi provides assistance with basic needs like food, furniture and rent.

Garcia says her group currently is helping more than 100 families.

"We believe in helping folks grow out of situations or even if they're having some sort of crisis in their lives," she said.

The first step is filling out an application, which can be done over the phone and documents like lease agreements or eviction notices can all be sent electronically.

Volunteers then will tell you how you can get specific financial assistance based on your needs, depending on their situation.

Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi volunteers say they have made it a mission to help people in rural areas since the state's rent relief program is known to be slow to provide assistance in smaller communities.

"Our assistance is based on private donations and the generosity of our donors but we have chosen to focus on our rural communities because we don't want them to be left behind," said Garcia.

Experts say some people receiving rent relief still will face challenges.

"If you do have an eviction against you, you still may have some time before your out on the street," said Brian Carberry, managing editor for

Carberry says people facing eviction should start planning now.

"Try to work out some agreement with your landlord otherwise look for some local resources," he said.

For some resources provided by click here.

If you are facing eviction and have a court date, you don't have to have a lawyer. There are non-profit organizations in the state providing free legal assistance to people fighting eviction cases.

For legal aid visit,