People are putting off their self care as they work to make ends meet

Posted at 11:03 PM, Dec 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-12 07:10:18-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It’s the luxuries in life that we look forward too. 

Scheduling a haircut, getting your nails done, or treating yourself to a message. 

Only now people are doing it on a budget. 

“I do plan to do an experiment on my hair and that’s partially because the costs in crazy,” said one woman, Clarissa Duran. 

Duran isn’t making a hair salon appointment any time soon. In fact, she’s finding ways to do things herself.

“To cut back on the time you spend at the salon. I do my nails at home now,” Duran said. 

Duran is working to make ends meet like so many others. 

But there’s still a few people interested in booking their regular haircut appointment. 

Feather’s Beauty Lounge on Everheart Road tells us work has been very busy this month. 

For Peace of Mind Message Therapy and Natural Healing it’s up and down.

“For today, it’s kind of slow. I’m guessing because the holidays are around but today, we have about 4 appointments today,” said owner, Jynelle Ornelas-Stanton. 

Ornelas-Stanton said typically there’s a yearly 5 to 10% increase in their prices but that’s changed. 

“This time we had to do a 20% increase in order to just cut even,” explained Ornelas-Stanton.

Forced to up their prices without changing the products they use. 

Ornelas-Stanton has noticed clients are more interested in gifting a special treatment.

“It started during Thanksgiving and normally it doesn’t start until the second week of Christmas where its nonstop phone calls about gift certificates and bookings for loved ones,” said Ornelas-Stanton.

To manage the impact of inflation, Peace of Mind Massage Therapy and Natural Healing has started to expand their lists of services in order to bring more options to people in the Coastal Bend.