Officers on Motorcycles Staying Safe

Posted at 7:07 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 08:07:51-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Though highly trained, these men still have had their share of accidents due to factors that are out of their control.

Once a month, the Corpus Christi motor policemen take their year old Harley Davidsons outside Whataburger field, for a full day of rigorous training.

"We believe we're the best in Texas as a motor unit," said Javier Segovia, Motor Officer Instructor.

So much so, other police officers in the coastal bend travel to take this training.

Though highly skilled and trained professionals, these men are on the defense daily.

According to CCPD, approximately 110 accidents in 2019 here in Corpus Christi involved a motorcycle.

Though CCPD has thankfully had no motor police fatalities, that doesn't mean there haven't been close encounters.

To prepare for situations like these, officers practice scenarios on nine different courses, which consist of both high speed and low speed maneuvers.

This helps them practice things like emergency breaking and helping with turns.

"Thankfully for the training we do, the officers are now able to reduce their speed. They get into a little fender bender and the accident is not as bad as it would've been if they didn't do the training monthly," said Gilberto Casas, Senior Motor Officer Instructor.

CCPD says these accidents happens mainly when someone gets pulled over, and doesn't put their vehicle in park, hitting the officer.

Besides traffic stops and distracted driving, other dangers of their jobs include leading funeral processions, and avoiding drunk drivers.

Still, in the midst of what these motor officers say is a dangerous role at times, life on the bike is not just their job, it's their passion.