Biden's favorability post-election rises to 55%, Trump dips to 42% in latest survey

Biden's favorability post-election rises to 55%, Trump dips to 42% in latest survey
Posted at 12:01 PM, Dec 07, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden’s favorability rating has risen six percentage points since the election while President Donald Trump’s has slipped three points, according to a recent survey from Gallup.

The survey talked to Americans between November 5-19, during a time when the Trump campaign’s legal team was filing lawsuits and challenging the general election results in several states. The results were published after Thanksgiving. The survey asks people if they have a favorable opinion of the person.

Biden’s favorability is at 55%, the highest it’s been in the Gallup survey since February 2019 right before he declared his presidential campaign. Trump’s favorability is at 42%, down from 45% right before the November election.

The highest favorability rating President Trump has received during his presidency was 49% in April as the country was in the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

The post-election results appear to be most impacted by changes in responses from people who identify as Republican. Biden’s favorability among this group grew from 6% to 12% since the election, while Trump’s rating among this group dropped from 95% to 89%.

Gallup says Biden’s bump in favorability is in line with trends they have seen after presidential elections since 2000.

Meanwhile, ratings for losing presidential candidates in Gallup’s poll have been mixed over the years; John McCain and Mitt Romney saw a higher rating post-election, and Hillary Clinton’s rating was unchanged after the 2016 election.