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Goats mystery solved in Boise, Idaho

Posted at 3:22 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 16:22:04-04

BOISE, IDAHO – (NBC) The mystery of the goat invasion of Boise has been solved.

Friday morning residents of one neighborhood in Boise, Idaho was surprised to find more than a hundred goats roaming the streets.

Even worse, the goats were eating grass, nibbling on shrubs and creating a general nuisance and yes, they’re very cute.

It turns out the goats belong to a company called “We Rent Goats,” a land-clearing service, and the animals were working at a nearby storm retention pond. But they escaped and were on the lamb until they stopped for a bite to eat.

While some may not have enjoyed the visit from uninvited guests, many got a kick out of the experience.

And the goats are back where they belong. Although a certain fence will be repaired before the goats are back at work.