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Community resources for sexual assault awareness month

Trauma Yoga
Posted at 3:40 PM, Apr 18, 2021

COPRUS CHRISTI, Texas — Downward dog, clearing the mind, calming the body, and healing the soul.

“It's to start really going into the fascias and the tissues and the parts of the body where you really hold onto trauma,” says co-owner of Somos Yoga, Maricela Gonzalez.

Yoga instructor Maricela Gonzalez specializes in hot yoga, acro yoga and trauma yoga.

Maricela, who's certified in trauma-informed yoga says she's taught several of these type of classes, but each session is different.

“We would not teach a class that would be inclusive of poses like happy baby that would cause you to become vulnerable and open up,” she says.

Gonzalez says studies show victims who begin doing yoga after being sexually assaulted are more likely to talk to someone and report their offender.

“Some of them had not reported their offender and they get the courage and empowerment to do that,” says Gonzalez.

A study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin shows a third of adult Texans will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime.

The Purple Door, a non-profit organization in Corpus Christi aims to end domestic violence and sexual assault. The Purple Door provides counseling, peer support, case management and legal advocacy. It is also a 24-hour safe shelter.

“You have to start by believing survivors because so many times survivors don’t forward because they fear they won't be believed,” says sexual assault coordinator, Maribel Arredondo.

Maribel Arredondo coordinates the sexual assault response team at The Purple Door, she tries to educate and empower the community and victims to transition to a safe and healthy environment.

“It happens all the time right behind our backs, says Arredondo. "In our back streets, it happens here in Corpus and survivors need to know they’re not alone.”

The Purple Door has a list of resources available; to learn more click here.

Additional resources include the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Somos Yoga does not have any trauma-informed classes at this time but yoga instructor Maricela Gonzalez says the goal is to bring in one trauma-informed class at Somos Yoga in the next month or so.