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WATCH: First responders rescue elderly woman from burning home

Posted at 3:56 PM, Dec 02, 2020

KINGSVILLE, Texas — Kingsville Police have released footage of an intense rescue.

According to a post from Kingsville PD, shortly after midnight on Nov. 9, an eldery woman reported a fire at her apartment and that she was trapped inside.

The Kingsville Fire Department and Kingsville Police responded to the call.

Kingsville PD Officers, Ptlm. Michael Garcia, Ptlm. Lonnie Brown arrived at the scene and saw heavy smoke coming from the apartment, the dispatcher kept the woman on the phone and kept her calm while officers attempted to call out and locate her in the apartment.

Next, Lt. Javier Aleman arrived, assessed the scene, climbed over a patio fence, and used a fire extinguisher to mitigate the fire. Sr. Ptlm. Kevin Martinez and Officer Raymond Avalos also arrived and began to clear apartments to remove residents from danger.

"The video of the incident clearly shows that the room is smoke filled, and that officer Brown and the female are having difficulty breathing," said the post from Kingsville PD.

Officer's located the woman and broke a window to enter the residence. After Ptlm Brown crawled in and removed a chest of drawers blocking the exit, Ptlm. Martinez used the bulletproof vest to cover the broken shards of glass so they could remove the woman through the window safely.

"Officer Brown exited the building and it was apparent he had inhaled large amounts of smoke," said the post.

“I commend the outstanding teamwork by the three telecommunicators Jose 'Ricky' Chapa on PD, Marcus Munoz on FD, and Allyssa Orr for their part in taking the 911 call and quickly dispatching responders to the house fire as well as helping the female in the residence stay calm so responders could assist her," said Kingsville Police Chief Ricardo Torres. "The teamwork exhibited by Lt. Aleman, in knocking down the fire, Ptlm Brown, Ptlm. Martinez, and Ptlm. Garcia in extracting the female and Ptlm. Avalos in notifying other residents of the fire is in keeping with the tradition of honor, valor, duty and service to the citizens of our community! Job well done!”

Clothing donations for those affected can be taken to family member Albert Barrera, who lives at the complex at apartment 1007.