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Warnings for Easter in the Coastal Bend: The cascarones crook and counterfeit money

Posted at 6:37 PM, Apr 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-06 19:37:03-04

Nancy Castorena has been selling cascarones and Easter baskets for six years from her home.

However, this is the first year she decided to sell from a different location.

She tried selling at the O'Reillys parking lot on South Padre Island Drive, but the new location wasn't the only thing different about this year.

"A customer got there and asked for prices on eggs and baskets and he got two. He ended up paying with a 100 dollar bill and I saw the 100 dollar bill was fake," Castorena said.

Although Castorena was able to spot the fake bill, she wasn't able to save the Easter baskets she worked hard to make.

"He said, I'm gonna be back and I'm going to go to the ATM to give you the money," Castorena said. "He said, 'but I'm going to take the baskets.' I told him no, leave them here because when you come back I'll give you the baskets and you give me the money. He then said 'no' and that he was going to take the baskets. Then he left."

Castorena said she decided to let him go for her own safety.

"I felt embarrassed. When he told me no I felt it was better to walk away," she said.

Although she let him go, she took a picture of the car's license plate before the customer drove off. She also filed a police report in hopes of catching the alleged thief.

Since Monday's incident, she moved her sales to the O'Reillys on the Crosstown Expressway for the rest of the week.

The Corpus Christi Police Department said this was the only report of theft related to the matter that they have seen.

Although Nancy was able to spot the fake 100 dollar bill, the CCPD recommends using a counterfeit detection pen to mark bills.

Right now, the CCPD is working to track down the person who made off with the basket.