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Warehouse destroyed in fire donates furniture to fire department who helped

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Posted at 6:29 PM, May 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-25 19:31:33-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — In February, first responders responded to a fire at Edward's Furniture warehouse in Alice. Although the warehouse could not be saved, the surrounding people, businesses and homes were. Regardless of the outcome, their selfless efforts were rewarded for that night.

The manager of Edward's Furniture, Deedee Sisson, has been working for Edward's Furniture for 37 years.

She ran into one of the first responders from the night of the fire at an event when the topic of furniture was brought up. The firefighter was a volunteer at the San Diego Fire Department.

He innocently mentioned how the crew were looking into purchasing new furniture. Sisson knew that her company wanted to give back.

"He told his Fire Chief Juan Soliz who then contacted me. They came in, made their selections and got the furniture they needed," Sisson said.

Edward's Furniture donated two queen size sofa beds, a love seat and a dining room set.

The San Diego Fire Station has a driver and a firefighter who work a 48 hour shift during the weekend and spend the night there.

Fire Chief Juan Soliz said these gifts of comfort will go a long way.

"Everything we get for the station boosts up the morale," Soliz said. "We never had a kitchen table. We only had a folding table that we would use to eat. Instead of sleeping on an air mattress or a cot, they’re able to sleep on these sofa sleepers on the weekends, which is a little bit more comfortable."

Soliz and his volunteer crew were not expecting the act of kindness they were given by the furniture company, considering the warehouse unfortunately did not survive.

"Anyone can take it different," Soliz said. "They can say 'my building burned down to the ground and I'm not going to help anybody', but their thing was that nobody got hurt."

Edward's Furniture has been in contact with the Alice Fire and Police Department and the Ben Bolt Fire Department who were also first responders. They plan on donating furniture to them, as well.

"We’re happy we’re able to help them with their needs. It makes us all feel good knowing their receiving support from us and that we’re able to give back to them," Sisson said.

Sisson and the first responders shows that kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.

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