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Victim's family can't understand why murder suspects had low bail

Posted at 4:09 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 20:02:27-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A murdered 21-year-old’s family wants answers.

Damian Buch was killed in March, at an apartment complex on Brett Street. Three men were charged -- two with murder - all three are out on bond.

“It was like I died with him,” said Buch’s mother Misty. (2)

March 4th is a day she’ll never misty will never forget.

“It was like my soul left my body,” said Misty. “I couldn’t think, I couldn’t… all I wanted to do was run.”

“She had lost a part of her she’s never gonna get back,” said Damian’s aunt Stacey.

Both Misty and Stacey asked their last names not be used.

Of the three suspects were arrested for the robbery and murder, two of them, Nathan Bills and Jason Ortiz, were charged with first-degree murder.

Court records show 319th District Court Judge David Stith set Bills’ bail at $500,000 while 94th District Court Judge Bobby Galvan set Ortiz’s at $150,000. Each had those figures reduced before they made bail, according to Misty. She also says that Bills and the third suspect, Detavion Falkquay both pointed the finger at Ortiz.

“Why did my son’s murderer only get a $150,000 bond and then reduced $50,000? Now he’s out on the street,” said Misty.

The low bond and lack of communication have Buch’s family questioning their faith in the legal system,

“Although a lot of people have lost faith in it, we’re trying extremely hard to keep our faith in the justice system,” said Stacey.

Damian’s mother visits his grave site nearly every day. She says since his murder, it’s one of the few places she finds peace.

With his the flag of his favorite LSU Tigers flowing in the breeze, Damian’s grave is more of a tribute. Misty says she’s made it through the last eight months with the help of family and her faith.

“God has been a big part of my life and has gotten me through all of this, so I think him every single day,” said Misty. “I know that my son is up there in heaven and I will see him again.”

KRIS Communications contacted the district attorneys office for comment but were told they don’t comment on pending cases.