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Uvalde student gifted fun-filled holiday weekend in Corpus Christi

Posted at 8:49 AM, Jul 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-03 16:14:55-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — After the school shooting in Uvalde that left 21 people dead, Pete Trevino of Corpus Christi offered up his barbecue skills to help the families in Uvalde. But he never rested on thinking about ways to help those families.

He learned about Armani Trinidad, a Robb Elementary School student. Once he heard his story, Trevino said “We have to meet him.”

Trevino did some brainstorming on what can be done to help Armani take is mind off his situation.

“So, we decided to bring him out here and have a weekend of fun," Trevino said. "You know, it’s the 4th of July, Corpus has an awesome firework thing that goes on here. Food truck festival. We’ve got a lot of attractions here that they don’t have in a small town.”

Trevino brought almost the whole family. Armani brought along two brothers, his grandmother and his aunt.

They're aiming to do as much as they can while in the city and that's included Funtrackers and the Cole Park Pier.

"We got on go-carts , we went on rides, we got to play games. And today we’re going to go to peter piper pizzas,” said Armani.

But his favorite part about Corpus Christi?

“The beach,” he said.

Trevino is hoping this time away he can just forget, be a kid and have fun. He hopes Armani can continue to be surrounded by positive influences. He’s already a positive influence on Trevino.

“He was one of the students that was in the classroom where his teacher and some classmates were injured. He’s a hero. He helped them so much of trying to get out,” said Trevino.

Many people want to help out after hearing what Armani’s been through. He and his brothers were even gifted some new bikes when they arrived in the city.

“It goes faster than my other one,” Armani said.

“A lot of people when they see Corpus, they see a lot of negativity, but they don’t realize there is a lot of positivity that goes on here amongst the community, so," said Trevino. "Being able to help people and being able to come forward that shows who we are as a city as well.”

Armani's fun-filled weekend continues into Sunday where the plan is to attend the food truck festival and watch some fireworks.

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For the latest local news updatesclick here, or download the KRIS 6 News App.